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ETKIN EU has built an extensive network of contacts due to having worked for over 15 years, we can find you the right contact for theright need; including universities, SMEs, companies, NGOs and other entities. Etkin EU has a robust network of companies in the food, biotechnology,  manufacturing, automotive, chemicals sectors.

The team’s clientele, with whom Etkin EU has successfully undertaken European-wide projects, provides a large network for collaborations. Etkin EU is also actively collaborating with multi-stakeholder platforms including
Teknopark Istanbul, GOSB Teknopark, TUGIP(Food Innovation Platform of Türkiye), and Turkish and European universities.

ETKIN EU is a member of the European Association of Innovation Consultants (EAIC), a network gathering active Innovation Consultants in the field of European research and innovation projects.


Dissemination and Communication

Etkin EU possesses the capabilities and necessary experience for  organizing dissemination and socially-minded activities both nationally and across Europe.

In 2022, Etkin EU successfully hosted atwo-day "Green R&D Conference" bringing together stakeholders from various sectors, including chemistry, mobility, food, and energy.

In 2023, the team organized a one-day event at Teknopark Istanbul, the largest technological innovation park in Türkiye, featuring keynote speakers, Shéhérazade Azizi, the Eureka AENEAS Programme Manager and Umut Ege, Türkiye’s National Coordinator for the Eureka Programme.


Additionally, Etkin EU partnered with the "Association of Women Engineers and Architects of Türkiye" (MÜKAD) to conduct the "Women Employment Programme in R&D" initiative. The training schedule for this program will be unveiled in the second half of 2023.

A key component of the team’s efforts is the Etkin EU’s monthly newsletter, which provides updates on European and national R&D developments and sectoral news on a global scale. Additionally, Etkin EU’s project experts maintains a blog where they share their insights and experiences on the latest issues related to the global and European R&D landscape.

In addition to newsletters, Etkin EU can create and manage the consortium website, and produce brochures and posters in both online and physical formats. Etkin EU has a dedicated team and an expert team member for media and communication activities , ready to assist in all aspects of the consortium's communication efforts.


Exploitation and IPR Management

Etkin EU can enhance exploitation activities that make better use of project results. These activities consist of market analyses, follow-up,and reporting on standardization and regulation in both European and national settings, policy papers, communication with policy-makers, as well as training and capacity building activities.

The Etkin EU Team could provide Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) support
for the stakeholders and conduct life-cycle assessments (LCA) for businesses and products within the scope of the R&D work.


Project Management

With 15 years of experience in national and international R&D consultancy, the Etkin EU team will guide you through every stage of your project, starting from the inception of the project idea to the exploitation steps and even the follow-up after the project has concluded. During the project management, our team excels in coordinating between partners and monitoring the progress ofwork packages and provides support in reporting proccesses of Horizon and Eureka projects.


Networking with Municipalities and Policy-makers

Etkin EU has a track record of collaborating with various municipalities
in Türkiye and across Europe. Among our notable partners are the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the local public authority of the most populated city of Europe and the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, a vital industrial hub and the country'sthird-largest export city, following Istanbul and Izmir. Additionally, Etkin EU has fostered successful partnerships with the municipalities of City of Skopje in North Macedonia, the City of Cacak in Serbia withinthe Balkan region and the Municipality of Milan in Italy. These collaborations have led to the development of several project proposals focusing on Smart Cities and Mobility as part of the Horizon Europe Programme.


Output Utilisation and Policy Paper Formulation

Etkin EU Team can provide valuable assistance in various aspects of
utilizing project outputs and policy paper writing processes. Within the team, Etkin EU has a member with multi-year-long experience incrafting papers and reports for European Research Projects, and another member specialized in media engagement and dissemination activities. Whenever necessary, Etkin EU can utilize itswide national network in academia to access external expertise.


Entrepreneurship and Scale-up Studies

Etkin EU can provide assistance in access to finance and national & European grants. We provide consulting in building up the R&D strategies
and projects of innovators. We are actively working with SMEs and providing consulting to leverage from EU funds in their scale-up processes.

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